To build a good website we need to both understand the potential it could have (if it reaches the right people) and to make the right decisions to help you reach that potential.

Then there is updating it. Then there is ‘how it works’.

I am right now creating my first ‘Post’ in something called “Distraction free mode”.

I am going to add a ‘read more’ link just in case anyone reading this needs to click on something when their attention is distracted.

I have built websites using just HTML in the old days (15 years ago) and know that it is quite simple and I am very grateful to WordPress for being open source and easy to use. I am looking forward to being able to manage my own website.

An analogy would be how liberating it has been to walk a mile  and a half to my gym. I have lived in Blackheath all my life and until recently would always either drive or get a bus if the distance I needed to travel was over a mile.

Waiting for buses, paying for buses and actually being on a bus is not much fun.

Driving and parking is also not great.

Walking may take longer but it has obvious benefits to your fitness.

So I walk to my gym at least twice a week and I enjoy the freedom. I just put on my shoes, grab my gym backpack and off I go.

WordPress is like that only better.

Watch this space as I build this website…. slowly!

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